A Letter to the Riverland from Kat Bell

Listen to Kat read her letter here:


Dear Riverland,

As I take a morning’s walk by your glorious river, it gives me pause to express my admiration for all you deliver.  I’m a well-traveled lover of intrinsically beautiful things, who has stopped to appreciate you through a cultured lens. Having traveled all over the world I have seen many amazing places and it’s through this lens that I see you, my Riverland.


I first set foot upon you over a decade ago. It was a fleeting moment just passing through. No time to wonder, nor take you in, we were heading for a more southern land. We soon started to look for our forever home and our thoughts came back to you.


Now a decade on I have looked upon your glorious river and drawn breath, while pelicans linger. I have sat upon your clifftops set against sunlit skies, cast my eyes over sprawling fruit orchards and almond clad valleys, fields of grape vines and olive groves.  I am inspired by your rural vistas and fueled by your many sunlit days and now I am no longer a mere traveler gathering cheerful prose.


Although my gypsy heart may on many occasions be called to the road, my thoughts of you will always bring me home.  Now this old traveler looks more to the future and what lies ahead. It is with a gladdened heart I accept the extraordinary gift that is you and all that you offer.  You are my home, my forever place, my Riverland.


Love Kat


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