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Part of Things is an ideas hub, creative community, gathering place and connector for many Riverland small businesses, community initiatives and creative endeavours. Hit the links below to purchase directly from any of our community & residents (past or present).

Kirste Jade is a writer & illustrator.  She is writing a young adult novel series about sad teens with psychic powers. She lives for all things magical and if fairy wings don’t sprout from her back, or if fire doesn’t spark from her palms, one day, she’ll head down the path of a villain. You can purchase some of her prints and/or commission custom illustrations and words here. We also teamed up with Kirste to create We Need More Dragons merch with 50% of profits supporting Part of Things programs, find out more and purchase here.

Stuart Watkinson is a writer, game designer, and educator. He makes small, rules-lite roleplaying games and is working on a fiction novel. He loves science fiction and fantasy stories and enjoys finding ways to blend the two to create bizarre and alluring stories. You can find his writing, games, blogs, and newsletter here:

Delving Around Gamez (DAGz) is a new small business by 18year old Zacharie Steele. DAGz is all about tabletop games, board games, card games, cosplay, LARP and other related hobbies. Zach has just completed his first 7week introduction to Dungeons and Dragons for ages 10-14.  He’s keen to develop other programs, events and activities next year and it’s all about sharing some of the things he loves with other Riverland young people. More info here.

Alysha Herrmann is the co-founder of Part of Things. Alysha offers her services as a producer, mentor and organiser of a wide range of arts and/or community events, projects and initiatives. Alysha is also a writer and performance-maker and can be booked to perform and present at your event. Alysha is currently completing training to register as a celebrant and will be available to officiate your offbeat wedding, naming ceremony or other special event from November 2022. More about Alysha and her work here.