Get Involved

Want to be involved? Get in touch.

We are still new and figuring out the best ways for us to work, but these are some of the ways we invite you to be be Part of Things:

Foundation Team
What it sounds like. The team that forms the foundation Part of Things stands on. The people who unlock the door, find the money, organize behind the scenes and just generally make sure everything happens.

Programming Squad
The team who collectively decide which projects, events and activities happen at Part of Things. The Programming Squad help give the space a sense of cohesive whole at the same time as exploring and opening up new ideas and conversations.

Support Army
The people who fill the gaps. Who help set up chairs, run the bar, clean up, promote things and cheer on the Foundation Team and Programming Squad.

Creative Residents
The artists, thinkers, innovators and dreamers who make Part of Things a temporary or permanent home. These are the people who are here facilitating workshops, presenting exhibitions and events, sharing ideas and building the ‘things’.

The Curious Club
The listeners and the watchers, the audience, the visitors and guests who come to events, workshops and other activities. Who drop in for a nosey. Who follow the social media accounts and who complete the community that is Part of Things.