Hire Space

Our space is available for hire for workshops, meetings, talks, think-tanks, study and desk-work. We have workshop/meeting space suitable for 5-10 people and we have 4 desks available. All hire of the space includes access to two toilets and a kitchenette with microwave, fridge, kettle and sink.

We have some suggested rates below but are also open to negotiation of non-monetary contributions and exchange that support the philosophy and sustainability of Part of Things.

All bookings via our contact form.


Workshops/Group Meetings

Our space is suitable for workshops or group meetings of 5-10 people. We can provide trestle tables, chairs and a projector as needed.

Hire is $15 per two hour block. Part of Things is a shared space and other things may be happening in other parts of the space (with people coming and going) unless you book exclusive use.

Exclusive use is $30 per two hour block.


A Desk (in co-working environment)

We currently have limited wifi (Riverland free wifi) so are asking for desk hires to ‘pay what you want’ via our tip jar for the time being.

Once our wifi is sorted we will be charging $15 per day per desk.


Exhibition Hire

The Barefoot Playground (and other Part of Things spaces) can be hired for exhibitions of visual artworks. Exhibitions that enable the space to still be used for other things (most 2D work) will be charged $90 + $80 bond for up to four weeks. Exhibitions that require exclusive use will be charged $170 + $80 bond for up to four wees. Part of Things does not have a dedicated hanging and lighting system and should be approached as ‘non-traditional’ exhibition space.