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*COVID19 Update*

Regional folk know all about isolation and all about community care. We’re ready to reduce physical contact to take care of our most vulnerable and each other while still ensuring that we connect, reach out and gather in other ways.

Initially at Part of Things we decided to move and translate our existing 2020 programs online to enable connection and gathering under social distancing. We’re really aware that there is so much happening online that it’s actually overwhelming and hard to make sense of. Many folk in our local community have been reeling from job losses and trying to navigate other practical and psychological changes in their lives this year.

So what’s actually useful? How can we contribute to community connection, wellbeing and future building? How can we invest in ideas and skills now and in preparation for whatever comes next?

We’re not sure but we have some ideas we want to put time and energy into.

What does that mean for our original 2020 program? Great question. We’ve taken down our original program (and we are hoping to remount some of those ideas in 2021 instead) and we are taking a different approach to 2020. An approach that is true to our values and intentions. An approach that is gentle and thoughtful and appropriate for physical distancing as long as it lasts.

Instead of a full year program, we are going to take a mostly month by month approach. Instead of our original mix of experiences for thinkers, artists, participants and audiences, we are going to hone in on nurturing new ideas and skills that can lead to future outcomes for everyone. Online or in person we remain a gathering place and ideas hub.

Our selected 2020 Thinkers in Residence are a starting place for this period of reimagining and rethinking.

We’ll continue hosting and supporting conversations in the Part of Things virtual hub  – a hybrid of chatroom, email and direct messages – contact us for the link to access and get involved.

We remain unashamedly focused on Riverland tastes, interests, ideas and futures in everything we do.


If you’d like to make a contribution to keep our programs running and affordable, we have a virtual tip jar here.

If you’re got an idea for a virtual or small in-person gathering/project/event that you’d like to deliver under our umbrella, get in touch here.


Stay tuned for more.




Current What’s On 2020:

Check out our Facebook page and the Projects tab for details.