Saying Goodbye to Say Hello

Last year in August Part of Things launched with a midnight pyjama party. We sent everyone who attended the following instructions:

“Bring with you an object that you are willing to donate (not get back ever) that represents something you want, or need, to let go of. This could be more literal (a piece of rubbish, a broken mug) or more metaphorical (a t-shirt belonging to your ex, a drawing of a habit you need to leave behind). You will not need to explain your object to anyone, but it must be something you are prepared to not get back. It should be an object small enough to carry.”

Our 2020 SALA exhibition “Saying Goodbye to Say Hello” is a response to these objects.

We asked twelve South Australian artists to take ONE object and respond to it by creating an artwork. Items were randomly allocated to participating artists. We asked each artist to think about the object itself, the instructions we gave to the object’s original owner and the themes of destruction, goodbyes and letting go in creating their artwork.

View the exhibition online here.

IMAGE: (detail) Untitled by Sally Matter, created for Saying Goodbye to Say Hello

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