Letters of the Riverland

Letters of the Riverland is an artwork created for projection on the external wall of the Bonney Theatre, Barmera. The work incorporates audio, animation, illustration and photography to explore Riverland identity and our connection to this place we call home. Letters of the Riverland was commissioned by Berri Barmera Council and produced by Part of Things.  The final artwork runs for approximately 8.5minutes including the credits sequence and is now owned by the Berri Barmera Council.

Inspired by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire’s Women of Letter Events and the meditative landscapes of the Riverland, Letters of the Riverland was the first ‘official’ work created for the newly installed Bonney Theatre digital projectors. It screened on a loop from 7pm-8:30pm every night 11th July to 19th July, inclusive and was free to view.

Letters of the Riverland is an artwork created by Riverlanders, for Riverlanders and provided a paid opportunity for local artists to create work, collaborate and extend creative practice. As the work to launch the Barmera projection site, Letters of the Riverland brought together voices & perspectives from across the Riverland – setting the tone for a community owned and activated arts resource.

We hope that Letters of the Riverland provides a small example of the kinds of things possible at the digital projectors at Bonney Theatre and can be a launching off point for other projection art projects & activities that celebrate, connect and contribute to community wellbeing through arts experiences in our community.

Letters of the Riverland is a project of Part of Things, commissioned by the Berri Barmera Council.

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Find out more about the making of Letters of the Riverland:

Start with the writers (and listen to the letters in their entirety).

Full list of credits here.

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