Letters of the Riverland Credits

Letters of the Riverland was created over three weekends by Riverlanders for Riverlanders.

What stories will you tell?




Letters written and spoken by:

Liz Frankel

Keely Pampling

Kat Bell

Stuart Watkinson

Amanda Schubert


Audio recording and initial editing by:

Stuart Watkinson


Further editing and final audio artwork created by:

Nic Tubb, with Alysha Herrmann


Field recordings captured at the 2019 Riverland Biosphere Soundlab by:

Beau Devlin

Alysha Herrmann


Photography contributions from:

Mark Burgess

Chad Vigar

Italo Vardaro

Michelle Harding

Keely Pampling

Connie Little

Paul White


Projection artwork developed and created by:

Nic Tubb

Kirste Vandergiessen

Beau Devlin

Zacharie Steele

Martika Hurrell

Adrian Little

Alysha Herrmann


Illustrations by:

Kirste Vandergiessen

Amaya Orana

Beau Devlin

Alysha Herrmann


Concept and Art Direction by:

Alysha Herrmann


Original 2D mapping template created by:

Terry Marter



With thanks to: Berri Barmera Council, Barmera Central, Illuminart, and the families of the entire creative team who provided emotional and practical support to create Letters of the Riverland.


Produced by:

Part of Things


Commissioned by:

Berri Barmera Council


July, 2020.


Fisherman in boat illustration by Amaya Orana (aged 6) for Letters of the Riverland.



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