Sam Wannan

Rings are universal symbols of bonds. They are objects filled with sentiment and memory. Objects forged in hard metal, cold and indestructible, unlike the fleeting, memories they represent. The beautiful moments we find in life are precious and organic; delicate and ephemeral; melting away with time. Instead of hard metal attempting to immortalise memories, this ring celebrates the fleeting beauty of a handful of organic moments: the resin, a thin veil for the fading memories it holds.

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  1. Cloudy resin with Rasorfish inlay ($50)
  2. Citrus wood and ink ($60)
  3. Cloudy Resin with sage, basil and moss ($40)
  4. Cloudy Resin with paper and ink ($45)

Sam Wannan is a Whyalla based artist, illustrator and art educator. Creating artwork through a range of media, from drawing, digital painting to sculpture he seeks to connect the mundane with the magical. Primarily he works as Company Manager for D’Faces Of Youth Arts Inc.

He has a strong focus on strengthening community ties and supporting youth through artistic practice.