Sally Mattner

When I started this project, I had the idea to decay the t-shirt. To make it look like it had been discarded in the bush, before being slowly reclaimed by the environment, covering the fabric with embroidered lichens, spiders and insects. However, the more I bleached, buried, rusted and wore down this fabric, the more beautiful the colours became, and the softer the fabric grew. So instead the fabric became the environment, growing in crevices, and returning to nature.

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1. Recycled t-shirt, embroidery and found frame $90

2. Recycled t-shirt, embroidery and found frame $55

Sally Mattner is an environmental, practical textile artist. She enjoys using recycled, waste and raw materials and takes inspiration from nature; she makes clothes for real life and puts pockets in anything she can; and uses techniques such as sewing, knitting, spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidery. Sally adores colour, patterns, and texture and delights in adding trifling details to her creations that few others will notice, but adds another level of uniqueness to her pieces.


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