Eliza Wuttke

The way in which we see the world is skewed by the lens through which we view it. ‘Sheading lenses’ is a multi-work piece which explores the way our view of the world changes as we say goodbye to our past naiveties and see through our new realizations. Inspired by the shift that happens when we let go of an old pair of glasses, the work explores a shift in clarity, colour and vibrancy. These elements arranged to represent the way our world view shifts when we have the courage to let go, to say goodbye and then say hello again.

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Eliza Wuttke is an emerging visual artist, writer and maker who exists somewhere in the space between freedom seeker and homebody. Best known for her practical and wearable pieces, she sets out to create art that can become part of everyday. A passionate environmental advocate, Eliza is most drawn to natural materials, drawing inspiration from the organic lines and soft colours of the Australian landscapes in which she feels at home.


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