Keely Pampling

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Keely Pampling (Wild Tallulah Photgraphy) loves to capture every day life, the little details that make you feel something. Wild Tallulah wants images to convey and tell a story and the images selected for this exhibition were chosen to create a relationship with the viewer.

“I feel they showcase the beauty of Riverland farming and make you appreciate the hard work that farmers and agriculturalists experience every day. Hopefully my images made you feel something and made you think about the importance of our farmers.”

Where will the Riverland be in 100 years?

Throughout the decades trends come and go, technology advances and social norms outdate but the one thing that remains the same is our need for farming and agriculture. Without farming, our world stops. Agriculture plays a critical role in the entire life of the Riverland. Agriculture is the backbone of the economic system in Australia and in addition to providing food and raw material, agriculture also provides employment to a large percentage of the population. Farming in the Riverland is a major part of our history and our future. With an array of agricultural pathways the Riverland has a rich and diverse history involving citrus production, wine production, viticulture, meat and wool production, vegetable and fruit farming and an abundance of grain and fodder farming. Farmers and agriculturalist play a major role in the Riverland community; they feed us, some of them warm us and all are custodians of the landscape and nature. Their responsibility and commitments goes way beyond their farms, crops and livestock, many are passionate advocated playing vital roles in our community. Without farming, the Riverland would cease to exist, hence in 100 years our farming will be stronger than ever.

Not for sale.

From Little Things

A long line of farmers, passed onto the next generation, he now stands by proud to see legacy lives on.

Loveday, South Australia


Young Australian Kelpie; Oakley sits and waits as the hay bales are unloaded.

Barmera, South Australia

Stories to Tell

A pair of work boots, they’ve walked some miles and seen some things.

Loveday, South Australia

Watching You

A ewe stands watching after a long day at the shearing shed.

Overland Corner, South Australia.

More about Wild Tallulah and her work here. 

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