Liz and Clint Frankel

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Riverland Artists, Liz & Clint Frankel have passionately created artwork together for 30 years.

They feel privileged to live & work from their Riverglen View Art Studio, overlooking the iconic Murray River.

The profound natural beauty of their surroundings inspires much of their work. And sadly, so too does their 50 year observation of gradual decline in the river environment.

“Water is life. It sustains all life, including us. In this harsh, dry landscape, the river underpins everything here. If we do not work towards restoring and conserving the river, then we will no longer be able to have sustainable communities here”.

What will the Riverland be like in 100 years time? Mother Nature and water will continue, in some form. Whether civilised communities remain here depends on our actions now”.   

2 x 76cm x 76cm Fine Art Reproduction on Canvas from the ‘Water is Life’ Series.

Pink                           $400 RR

Golden Cliffs            $400 RR

See more of Liz and Clint’s work on their website.

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