2020 Thinker in Residence FAQ

What is the Thinker in Residence Program?

The Thinker-in-Residence Program is about encouraging Riverlanders to give their big ideas time and space. All of us have ideas, those “we should do X” or “imagine if Y” ideas that could really have an impact if given the time and energy to develop. The Thinker-in-Residence is a four-week excuse to pursue one or more of your ideas.

Selected Thinkers get $500, free access to Part of Things spaces for one calendar month and 10hours of support from our Chief Storyteller, to think about their idea.

We will be working with selected thinkers to utilise online spaces including the Part of Things website, Slack and social media profiles to undertake the residencies virtually in this time of social distancing due to COVID19.

Our community needs your ideas more than ever so please apply!

The only expectation from the residency is that Thinkers share some kind of reflection from their residency – a blog, a talk, whatever suits the idea/s.


What kind of ideas can the Thinker in Residence explore?


We are especially interested in ideas that reimagine the Riverland now and for the future. That could be in any field: community, arts, small business, agriculture, disability, tourism. We are very open to all kinds of applications and pitches for what you would like to spend a month thinking about, so dream big.


What kind of space is Part of Things?

Part of Things is a new space and we are especially interested in building networks and connections with and between Riverlanders in their 20s and 30s. Our founders are part of this demographic and we are interested in the ‘churn’ of younger folk in the Riverland, the constant coming and going and how difficult it can be to retain young professionals in our region. We want to connect with our peers to develop allies, networks, friendships and everything in between. We are doing this by exploring quirky projects, events and activities that offer a place to ‘find your people’.

We especially encourage applications from young professionals but ANYONE (18+) is welcome and encouraged to apply to our Thinker in Residence program, including those over 40.

Our physical space  itself is a small set of three main rooms (plus kitchen and toilet facilities) above the Soldiers Memorial Hall in Barmera, and part of the Bonney Theatre Complex. The space is quirky and has an interesting history, it is however only accessible via a set of stairs, making it an unwelcoming and inaccessible space for many of our community.

During the unfolding COVID19 situation our physical space is closed. We will instead be exploring and experimenting with a range of online spaces and platforms including Slack, Zoom, our regular social media channels and a blog right here on our website.

We invite Thinkers in Residence to respond to the challenge of using virtual spaces in creative and clever ways.


What will the Thinker in Residence actually do?

The Thinker in Residence will self-determine how they use the time and space in residence. This could include virtual workshops, hosting chats, writing a regular blog, hosting a virtual event  or anything else that encourages exploring ideas. Thinkers do not have to host anything live/with the public. It could be all you tinkering away at your computer and that is totally okay. Our only expectation is that the Thinker in Residence shares their learning/ideas/experience in some format towards the end of their residency. Some Thinkers may have big ambitious (YES) ideas they want to explore well beyond a single month – the month as Thinker at Part of Things is time to take the first steps.


Why is the fee so small?

Part of Things is a small and independent initiative by other Riverlanders. It’s being boot-strapped by personal employment income and has no external funding or investment. We’ve love to offer a big big old fat fee but just don’t have the resources. Maybe one of our Thinkers in Residence will explore income generating strategies for Part of Things to grow future programs?


APPLY HERE to be one of four Thinkers in Residence in 2020.


Wanna talk it through before applying? Call Chief Storyteller Alysha Herrmann on 041 626 7391 or email helloATpartofthingsDOTorg


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