Let’s Talk: Inspiration

As a digital artist and writer, I find visual aids really helpful. I have a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to Violet — seperate sections for each character, each book’s aesthetic/mood, settings and other little bits that might spark inspiration along the way.

Writing is the only way to keep your story going, but some days words are stubborn as hell. When they don’t, I jump on Pinterest and add more Pins — it might help you start writing again, it might not, but look, you’ve spent the day thinking about your characters and your settings! Good job!

So, what do you add?

  • Clothing style
  • Hair colour, length and style
  • Eye colour
  • Bedrooms
  • Places they love (feel safe, feel home)
  • Colours I associate with them
  • Quotes I associate with them

This is my protagonist’s Board.

And I do this for all my characters.

While I only use Pinterest to collect images, other writers use it to bring in potential audiences. Shelby Leigh goes into a little more detail in her article here!

What inspires you? Share screenshots of your story Pins in the comments, we’d love to see some!

Kirste x

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