Let’s Talk: Characters

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a restful long-weekend!

We’re just about to head into week two of ‘Let’s Talk: Writing’ and we’re looking into creating our characters — giving them life! We’ll start with naming them tomorrow!

I’d also like that send a big thank you out to everyone for their support in these posts for the last week! Whether you’ve shared these posts, liked them or even participated (publicly or in the quiet comfort of your home), your support really does mean a lot. Not just to me, but to Part of Things.

This project can lead to a lot of potential projects that Part of Things supports in the future. And that’s really exciting to think about!

I’m thinking of more ways to send ‘Let’s Talk: Writing’ out into the world and reach more writers — it’s been my first week back at work since lockdown and I haven’t been able to give as much time as I would like into this project — if you guys have any suggestions of how I could reach more writers, let us know!

Can’t wait to share with you and hear from you guys this week!

Kirste x

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