Object Provocations

August 2019

Twelve Riverlanders arrived at Part of Things at midnight in their pyjamas with the following instructions:

“Bring with you an object that you are willing to donate (not get back ever) that represents something you want, or need, to let go of. This could be more literal (a piece of rubbish, a broken mug) or more metaphorical (a t-shirt belonging to your ex, a drawing of a habit you need to leave behind). You will not need to explain your object to anyone, but it must be something you are prepared to not get back. It should be an object small enough to carry.”

February 2020

Twelve South Australian artists were sent one of the donated objects and asked to respond with an artwork for exhibition as part of SALA 2020. The many challenges of 2020 meant not all artworks were able to be completed and exhibited.

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August 2020

Saying Goodbye to Say Hello

Curated by Alysha Herrmann

Presented at Part of Things, August 2020

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