One One Fleurieu

One One Fleurieu was the flagship youth event of the Festival Fleurieu‘s 2021 program. Part of Things storytellers Nic Tubb and Alysha Herrmann were commissioned by the Festival to work with producer Chelsea Nicholls and young people from the Fleurieu region to co-create a projection artwork exploring the voices and perspectives of Fleurieu young people. Young people aged 14-25 make up 11% of the Alexandrina, Victor Habor and Yankalilla district communities, and One One Fleurieu was an opportunity for Festival Fleurieu to hear from and connect with the 11%.

Facilitators: Alysha Herrmann & Nic Tubb, Riverland (Part of Things)

Producer: Chelsea Nicholls, Fleurieu (Festival Fleurieu)


3 x face-to-face weekend workshops in the Fleurieu (February & March)

Digital collaboration using the Part of Things Mighty Network

Direct contributions to an open call out and by invitation.

Alysha & Nic presented a slideshow demo on the back of the Yankalilla RSL on Sunday 11th April 2021 to launch One One Fleurieu before the final artwork co-created from writing, illustration, animation, sound and other creations by Fleurieu young people was presented on the permanent projectors at Victa Cinemas during April 2021.

If you are a young person aged 14-25 living in Alexandria, Victor Harbour or Yankalilla Council districts and you’d like to be involved in future projects with Festival Fleurieu please contact Chelsea Nicholls via Fleurieu Youthscape on FB.

See a compressed version of the artwork here:

This is a video file, not the artwork in situ, as a site specific work it is designed to be viewed live projected onto the physical buildings it was designed for so please keep this in mind while viewing.

Full credits for final artwork:

Co-created with ideas, conversations, workshop contributions, suggestions and individual artworks from:


Mackenzie Ahrns

Jordan Cosma 

Dennis Goodwin

Alysha Herrmann

Amie Hewlett-Parker

Trek Hopton

Abbey Nicholls

Blake Nicholls

Chelsea Nicholls

Alicia Sieben

Nic Tubb

Anika Wollaston

Alicia Wollaston 

And survey responses from 70 young people living in the Fleurieu region

Underwater Leafy Sea Dragon footage by Trek Hopton

Leafy Sea Dragon Animation by Blake Nicholls

Whale and Squid/Octopus Paintings by Alicia Wollaston

Beach Photography by Jordan Cosma, Anika Wollaston, Nic Tubb and Alysha Herrmann

Love Letter to the Fleurieu by Anika Wollaston

Poem by AJ and read by Zach Steele

Various illustrations and words from One One Fleurieu workshops

Additional animations and illustrations by Alysha Herrmann and Nic Tubb

Survey Responses read by Alysha Herrmann, Chelsea Nicholls, Nic Tubb, Anika Wollaston and Alicia Wollaston

Field Recordings from Carrickalinga Creek and Second Valley Jetty from Tristan Louth-Robins and the Fleurieu Soundmap with our thanks. 

“Acoustic Breeze” by Bensound

“Hiraeth” by Scott Buckley

“Feeling of Sunlight” and “Passage of the Planets” by Daniel James O’Connor 

Facilitated by Alysha Herrmann & Nic Tubb (Part of Things)

Produced by Chelsea Nicholls

Presented at the Victa Cinema with support from Illuminart

One One Fleurieu was commissioned by Festival Fleurieu with support from Carclew.

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