Let’s Talk: Plot Twists

Plot twists. The unexpected yank on your leash. The ‘what the sweet mother of corn?’ audience-you moment. The–

Twisty Complicated GIF - Twisty Complicated MagnifyingGlass ...

–writer-you’s, awe-inspired moment. This technique (I’m sure you’ve noticed) isn’t always used effectively. Twists can seem obvious because we, as an audience, have been exposed to and trained to spot them miles away. As writers, we want to avoid our audience guessing too much. We need to find the right balance — to help lead our readers through the smog; give them a flashlight rather than helping them clear it away completely.

I’ve always found them extremely hard to write (and write them well), so here are some resources to help you think through your next twisty twist!

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Kirste x

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