In Response: Euphoria

On Friday 30th April Euphoria by Emily Steel premiered at the Chaffey Theatre. Commissioned by Country Arts SA and co-presented with the State Theatre Company of South Australia, Euphoria is a play about regional communities, the people who call them home and the hurts they carry. Euphoria was developed over two years in conversation and consultation with regional communities across South Australia before coming to life on the stage of the Chaffey Theatre. Euphoria is currently showing in Adelaide until 14th May before commencing a tour of regional South Australia in May/June. Tickets to the Adelaide season here and tickets for regional shows here.

The following responses to the performance were commissioned by Part of Things for our In Response series.

Artworks by Kat Bell (Berri):

Words by Cody Dolan (Berri):

Euphoria… what an excellent word, it means a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness, and that’s just some of the things that this incredible, and personally relatable show Euphoria (a play by Emily Steel) had me experiencing. From the changes in lighting to the sheer presence of the two astonishing actors, Ashton Malcolm and James Smith – who had me believing that there were more than just the two of them performing on stage with how they both changed so completely into the different roles – I was captivated in an instant. The story held such a powerful message that too often doesn’t get the justice it truly deserves, I’m grateful this performance hit every mark. Before going in I didn’t want to look into the play, more than a brief description from a friend, because I wanted to see this performance, with no expectations, or warnings, and I am so very glad I did. Euphoria brushed on some very strong mental health themes, and had a very true representation of what it’s like living in a small rural community, both the best parts and the challenges it can harbour. One of the themes brought up that had the most impact for me was the relationship between father and son and how quickly it can change, and I know from others they had their own moments during the performance that brought up some memories and emotions. I would highly recommend going and seeing Euphoria, it will have you smiling and laughing one moment and hugging the person next to you the next. Even if you’ve seen it before its absolutely worth grabbing a friend and bringing them along to experience this remarkable show, Euphoria.

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