The Secrets of Being a Writer (by Kirsty Charity)

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This is my story, what’s yours?

I didn’t start out as a writer.

I mean maybe I was, I just didn’t know it yet …

When I was young, I always read. Novel after novel. I just could not put them down. You know when you truly love something and could do it forever. I always knew it was reading. Chapter after chapter, page after page. When I got old enough, I was reading a novel a day, 200/300 words easy.

In school, Drama was my thing. I enjoyed it and could stay there all day, English not so much. I felt like I was interrogating the novel every time I did an analysis as we looked for characterisation, setting and everything else. I loved creating my own work and having the freedom and space of being able to do anything I wanted. Narratives were my favourite and I enjoyed writing them, not pulling them apart.

I liked how when I wrote, I could take people places and make people see things. It was relaxing and I liked the feeling of how I was able to create scenarios, any scenario I wanted. Those words created a picture in your mind. I could make a sixteen-year-old girl with light brown hair, in a white and navy woollen jumper, white shirt and black pants. Walk to the edge of an old, dark brown deck with a hole in it. She has no shoes and is close to the edge when a big gust of wind blows. She steps backward towards the hole.

In the year 2020, I decided to join Mono Club. The club looked at how words in a monologue can affect people, how people’s experiences, prior knowledge, senses and many more things change a performance.

In 2020 I went on a trip to Adelaide to see a festival that was held about writers. I enjoyed listening to them about their experiences, what they did in their life, their struggles, what they did to create the books/novels they wrote and how they got to where they are today. It was an amazing experience as the artists taught the audience some valuable lessons. It was fun and engaging as we got involved in the activities and workshops. There were all different types of writers and creators there from writers to cartoonists.

In 2020/2021 I joined the I Feel Like Writing group to work on a life stories project. Starting with Anne Frank the sessions were based around what us writers/ creators wanted to learn. In the end I created a life story that consisted of FaceBook Posts and was a FaceBook love story that ended in heartbreak called Maybe. Maybe was my first official written piece and I am proud of it.

My latest leap is the 2021 Riverland Skillin’ It Squad. Starting with a PDF to help other writers and creators. My aim is to create connections between creators and writers. I think that when we first come into the community, we all have questions that need answers. In the end we end up with a pile of either unanswered questions or don’t know where to go from with the information we were given.

I want to keep working on my writing skills and develop different skills in the creative industry as I continue to learn.

I was lucky that I had opportunities jump out for me to participate in, but I think it is important for all writers and creators to have a community to go to when they have questions or need help trying to get somewhere/ finding opportunities.

This is my story.

Thanks for reading! 😊

Remember to add your writing/creating story!


Kirsty has been living in the Renmark since she was born, however she was not born in the Riverland. Kirsty is 19 years old and likes to travel and go camping with the family. Kirsty is a writer and is interested in writing a novel in the future. She is currently studying to be a Primary school teacher and enjoys learning new things. Kirsty started becoming more active in her writing during 2020/2021, when she participated in Mono Club, I Feel Like Writing and Riverland Skillin’ It Squad. She joined the Riverland Skillin’ It Squad to learn more life stories about people in the Riverland and to meet more people with a passion for writing/creating new things.

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