Novel Planning Template (by Kirste Jade)

Attempting your first novel? A resource from Kirste Jade.

“I’ve stumbled through so many different writing projects and tried to retain every single detail of them all. Obviously not a great technique. As I started looking into planning programs, I found that a lot of them and their endless features really overwhelmed me. Instead, I created this customisable template to sit alongside my manuscript document.”


Kirste is a writer from regional South Australia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Writing in 2016 and since has developed projects like Letters to Blue (2020), co-facilitated the workshops Mono Club (2020) and I Feel Like Writing (2020-21) to support young writers and artists. She lives for all things magical and if fairy wings don’t sprout from her back, or if fire doesn’t spark from her palms, one day, she’ll head down the path of a villain.

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