Dear Berri

Dear Berri is a letter writing project taking inspiration from Women of Letters and emails to Melbourne trees. Dear Berri invites Riverlanders and visitors of all ages to select a special place or historical moment or person in Berri to write a letter to.

Letters contributed by the community will be published on the #OurStoriesBerri website, and inspire reading events, new artworks, and special outcomes.

To launch the project, we commissioned an initial set of letters by Berri writers. These letters were given to Riverland artists to respond to with new original artworks. You can discover all the artworks in and around the Berri CBD during the April 2023 school holidays.

Full information about the project here.

Header Image: details from the Dear Berri commissioned artworks. Foreground top centre by Daniel Giles, right by Kat Bell, bottom centre by Kirste Vandergiessen. Background (faded) top left by Kat Bell, top right Kirste Vandergiessen, bottom left Ruby Altschwager, bottom left Shane Karpany.

Dear Berri is an initiative of Our Town Berri, delivered in collaboration with Part of Things. Marketing to promote this project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

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