Mixtape Mondays

What are Mixtape Mondays?

We’ve invited creative Riverlanders to curate a playlist for our community on the Part of Things Spotify and we are sharing one each Monday.

The curator for the week selects the songs, chooses a title for the playlist and is paid a fee of $60. We’ve left the theme, style and number of songs totally up to each curator.

Scroll through our Facebook page or Instagram posts to meet all of the Mixtape Monday curators so far and listen to all of the playlists via our Spotify.

Mixtape Mondays started in May in response to the restrictions and difficulties of COVID19 – we wanted to provide a small paid opportunity for creative people and something fun and uplifting for our community to experience.



Love what we’re doing and want to make a contribution? We have a tip-jar here: https://ko-fi.com/partofthings

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