Thinkers in Residence

What is the Thinker in Residence Program?

The Thinker in Residence Program is about encouraging Riverlanders to give their big ideas time and space. All of us have ideas, those “we should do X” or “imagine if Y” ideas that could really have an impact if given the time and energy to develop. The Thinker in Residence Program is a four-week excuse for selected Thinkers to pursue one or more ideas.

Selected Thinkers get $500, free access to Part of Things spaces for one calendar month and 10 hours of support from our Chief Storyteller to think about about their idea.

Our 2020 Thinkers were:

Kimi Pellosis (June)

Kimi was  interested in exploring the idea of a local clothing swap and meeting other local young people interested in agriculture.

Miriam Vanderwoude (July)

Miriam was exploring disability access in the Riverland.

Yvette Frahn (August)

Yvette was exploring creative connections, business models and future opportunities.

Kimberlee Murdoch (October)

Kimberlee was exploring mental health in the Riverland, through the lens of her own lived experience. She is hoping to start drafting a novel on this topic designed for a teen audience.

Our (inaugural) 2019 Thinkers were:

Tia Ingle (August)

Tia thought about pop-up kitchens, food communities and Riverland kitchen stories. As a result of her residency she founded the Facebook group Riverland Kitchen Stories, which you can find here.

Stuart Watkinson (September)

Stuart used his month as Thinker in Residence to write the first draft of a new children’s book.

Pippa Pech (October)

Pippa started a Facebook group called Virtually Remote Riverland as a place to share resources and encouragement for Riverlanders to explore the opportunities of working virtually or remotely while living right here in our beautiful community.

If you would like to sponsor a future Thinker in Residence please get in touch, or make a general contribution via our online tip jar if you just love what we’re doing and want to contribute.

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