Our Town Berri: Storytelling with Part of Things

Part of Things is very excited to be collaborating with Our Town Berri on a new storytelling project in our community.

Together we will be building a collective history of the Berri community by the Berri community. We want to hear about what needs to be remembered, celebrated and woven into a new collective identity for Berri.

“Stories are an important part of social change because they have the power to shape the way people think and feel about their worlds and how they interact within them.” – Yanu Endar Prasetyo (2017)

We are currently seeking Berri based storytellers to be part of this project in a variety of ways. You might be a poet, an artist, a historian, a great talker or any other type of storyteller. We would like to hear from people of all ages and all backgrounds with a strong connection to Berri. Express your interest here and we will be in touch to make a time to speak with you one on one about the project and how you can be involved.

Our Town Berri is part of the wider Our Town initiative instigated by the Fay Fuller Foundation and is designed as a place based, long-term initiative to address the limits of clinical response services in rural areas by supporting community determined response to mental health and wellbeing in rural and regional towns in South Australia. Our Town Berri is led by a collective of self-nominated community members committed to improving outcomes for our community.


This project is an initiative of Our Town Berri, delivered in collaboration with Part of Things.

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